Military Shipping Dana Point

Military Shipping from Dana Point and Laguna Niguel.

AIM Dana Point offers military shipping services. Military Shipping Dana PointOur professionals simplify the process of shipping to military addresses from Southern California by choosing the appropriate and most cost-effective USPS shipping method, professionally packing the items, and completing the labels and customs forms for you.

Our expertise helps avoid possible delays in delivery. Check out the list below for a few general but helpful pointers.

  • Remove batteries from toys and electronic devices. Ticking, vibrating, or any kind of noise coming from a package during transit can create suspicion.
  • Do not ship prohibited items such as hazardous or flammable material (including perfume and cologne), aerosol cans, firearms, furs, perishables, plants, tobacco, and liquor, to name a few. Pornographic material is illegal in some countries.
  • Avoid sending anything that will melt such as chocolates.
  • Be aware that the military shipping process (loading and unloading packages multiple times in transit) may increase the risk of damage to very fragile items unless they are professionally packed.
  • Make a list of the items being shipped, including their quantities and values.
  • Weight and size are very important in determining the rate. If you’re on a tight budget, select small lightweight items for shipping. Packages less than 4 pounds are the most economical to send. Keep in mind that the box and packing materials add to the total weight.
  • Remember that USPS military shipping rates are the same as domestic rates; APO and FPO zip codes are to military post offices located within the US. Military post offices distribute mail and packages to overseas personnel as a free service. Custom forms must be completed.

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